Favorite Scary Movies – Round One

To take us through Halloween, we are starting new brackets to vote on our Favorite Scary Movies. This time we have a Double Bracket. The entries are based on my list of Best Horror Movies of All Time: http://pfunpfacts.com/best-horror-movies-of-all-time/ which is based on a collection and averaging of 18 different lists of best horror movies of all time.

I have taken the top four from the list and placed them in the #1 seed in the four divisions, then next four in the #2 seed slot, etc. This will provide us the most balanced and integrated brackets based on the best movies in this genre.

YOU ARE VOTING ON YOUR FAVORITES! Which of each pair do you like best? It can be for any reason, but you’re voting on your favorites, not which you think is scariest.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is Sunday evening, October 25.

Click to view the original brackets or use the Download button to get the PDF version