Favorite Schoolhouse Rock Episodes – Round One

Schoolhouse Rock first showed up in the U.S. in the 1970s as an interstitial cartoon that aired during Saturday morning cartoons, like a commercial right before the 10:00am cartoon shows. Below is a table of when each season began. The total list of episodes is exactly 64, which fits our brackets precisely!

ThemeEpisodesFirst Aired
Multiplication Rock11January 6, 1973
Grammar Rock9September 15, 1973
America Rock12September 20, 1975
Science Rock9September 16, 1978
Computer Rock41982
Money Rock8May 7, 1994
Earth Rock11March 31, 2009

There was no good way to divide them up by category or topic into groups of 16, so I separated them evenly into the four divisions. Example: There are 12 America Rock episodes, so I put three in each division. After dividing them into four groups, I arranged them in the brackets to balance the popular ones and spread them out. Much like actual ranking but without the numbers.

New rounds will begin every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as has become the usual procedure.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline for this first round is Sunday evening, August 30.

Click to view the initial brackets or use the Download link to get the PDF version