Favorite Throwback Songs – Round One

Our next topic is Favorite Throwback Songs and it’s another double bracket! 128 songs in this first round.

A “Throwback Song” is a song that either that takes the listener back to a particular time in their life and brings a sense of nostalgia, or else a modern song that ‘throws back’ to the ideas or elements of a song from an older era of music, emulating it in some way or form.

I found 17 different lists of “best throwback songs of all time” and averaged them in Excel to get this master list: https://www.listobsession.com/best-throwback-songs/ Then I seeded this bracket mostly based on the list I created.

This was a special request from some college students who work in the library with me. These songs are from “all time,” so there should be some for people of all ages. Songs range from 10 years ago back to the 1970s. Some of the songs I didn’t recognize by name, but when I played them, I thought, “Oh, yeah! THAT song!”

Vote now in Round One!

The deadline is Tuesday evening, November 7.

Click to see the original bracket or use the PDF below