Favorite Throwback Songs – Round Two

Round Two of our Favorite Throwback Songs double bracket means we’re down to the size of a normal bracket of 64. Here are some of the closest matchups from the first round:

  • Mambo No. 5 (Lou Bega) beat My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion) by 1 vote!
  • So What (Pink) beat Purple Rain (Prince) by 1 vote!
  • Don’t Speak (No Doubt) beat Rock the Casbah (The Clash) by 1 vote!
  • I Want it That Way (Backstreet Boys) beat Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (BeyoncĂ©) by 2 votes
  • Set Fire to the Rain (Adele) beat Wannabe (Spice Girls) by 3 votes
  • Lazy Song (Bruno Mars) beat 1985 (Bowling for Soup) by 3 votes
  • Year 3000 (Jonas Brothers) beat Ignition-Remix (R. Kelly) by 4 votes
  • Everybody (Backstreet Boys) beat Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty) by 5 votes

Vote now in Round Two!

The deadline is Thursday evening, November 9.

Click to see the results from Round 1 or use the PDF below