Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes – Round One

For January we will be voting on our favorite Twilight Zone episodes. This is a DOUBLE bracket, starting with 128 choices, or 32 per division.

Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 5 are included in our brackets this month. Season 4 was short and was an experiment with hour-long episodes, which didn’t work as well, leaving Season 5 to return to the old format. Season 2 was a little short, so a couple of the last Season 1 episodes were moved to Season 2. Our brackets for voting are organized by seasons, and the episodes are ranked by their individual IMDb ratings within each season. Later reboots and movies are not included. The pictures have been carefully selected to help remind you of the episode when the name of the episode is not enough.

New rounds of voting will begin every Monday and Thursday.
Round One: January 2 – 5
Round Two: January 6 – 8
Round Three: January 9 – 12
Sweet Sixteen: January 13 – 15
Elite Eight: January 16 – 19
Final Four: January 20 – 22
Championship: January 23 – 26
Winner announced on January 27

Vote now in ROUND ONE! The deadline is Sunday night, January 5.

Click to view the full original brackets or use Download to get the PDF