Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes – Round Two

We’re “down” to only 64 episodes! A normal-sized bracket. 🙂 The first round had some VERY close contests!

  • Person or Persons Unknown beat One More Pallbearer by 1 vote
  • Two beat Dead Man’s Shoes by 1 vote
  • Probe 7, Over and Out beat You Drive by 1 vote
  • The Last Flight beat Judgment Night by 3 votes
  • A World of His Own beat The Lateness of the Hour by 3 votes
  • Where Is Everybody? beat One for the Angels by 4 votes
  • I Sing the Body Electric beat Deaths Head Revisited by 4 votes
  • The Old Man in the Cave beat Ninety Years without Slumbering by 4 votes
  • The Encounter beat The Long Morrow by 4 votes

There were also some overwhelming victories:

  • A Stop at Willoughby beat The Big Tall Wish 97% to 3%
  • Time Enough at Last beat The Fever 93% to 6%
  • The Masks beat From Agnes – With Love 93% to 6%
  • Eye of the Beholder beat The Mighty Casey 92% to 8%
  • Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up beat The Whole Truth 88% to 12%
  • The Hitch-Hiker beat The Four of Us Are Dying 87% to 13%
  • The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street beat The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine 87% to 13%
  • To Serve Man beat Cavender Is Coming 87% to 13%
  • Nightmare at 20,000 Feet beat Sounds and Silences 87% to 13%

Vote now in Round Two! The deadline is the evening of Wednesday, January 8.

Click to view the results from Round One or use Download to get the PDF