Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes – Round Three

Interesting results this time. Not many huge winners. Most of the comparisons were close or moderately close. Quite a few were neck-and-neck, showing how tough these choices are:

  • The Howling Man and The Invaders were TIED, so I went with The Howling Man because it was ranked higher in the brackets (IMDb ratings) for the tiebreaker
  • A Nice Place to Visit beat And When the Sky Was Opened by one vote
  • The Night of the Meek beat The Silence by one vote
  • The Dummy beat Five Characters in Search of an Exit by one vote
  • The Lonely beat People Are Alike All Over by three votes
  • An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge beat The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms by three votes

The biggest winners were:

  • Time Enough At Last over I Shot an Arrow into the Air: 86% to 14%
  • The Masks beat The Jeopardy Room: 86% to 14%
  • The Shelter beat Person or Persons Unknown: 84% to 16%
  • Nightmare at 20,000 Feet beat Prove 7, Over and Out: 83% to 17%

Vote now in Round Three! The deadline is Sunday night, January 12.

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